Fri August 11 2017

xTc, Flipsid3 denied points in first matches of Season 2

by Charlie Fripp, Kwese ESPN

A Thursday night means that more CS:GO group stages matches were played in the second season of the ESL African Championship – but unfortunately there can only be one winner per match.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Damage Control took on xTc Gaming in the first match for the night, with the teams picking Inferno and Mirage as the battlegrounds.

Putting up a fight in the first map, Damage Control managed to stave off a determined xTc Gaming, but ultimately the map ended with a score of 19:17 in favour of DC.

Almost seemingly losing the will to fight further, the second map was completed in less than 45 minutes – with DC remaining victorious with a score of 16-8.

DC-xTc Match 1
The statistics for the first match

Final score: 2:0 for Damage Control

Picking Inferno and Train, Big 5 eSports had a much easier time in putting three points into their win column against Flipsid3 Africa.

Flipsid3 put up little resistance on both maps, with Big 5 eSports winning Inferno 16-8, and finishing off the Train map with a score of 16-6.

The statistics for the first map between Big 5 and Flipsid3
The statistics for the first map between Big 5 and Flipsid3

Final score: 2:0 for Big 5 eSports

Four ESL African Championship’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches are played on Monday and Thursday nights – two matches with South African teams, and two matches with North African teams.

If you want to catch all the action, keep an eye on the Kwesé Gamer Facebook page, the ESL Africa Twitch channel, or view the live stream directly on the Kwesé Gamer website.

Just keep in mind that only one match from each region will be streamed live due to North and South African matches being played concurrently.