Tue March 27 2018

We scored some sweet weapon skins in PUBG’s latest update

by Charlie Fripp

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently rolled out a new update to the test servers, and the biggest addition for gamers are weapon skins.

Similar to that of CS:GO, weapon skins are cosmetic items that only change the outer appearance of a weapon but not its attribute.

When joining the test server (and every subsequent update), users get 100 000 Battle Points and a number of chest keys. That is done so that players can buy the crates and use the keys to unlocking them in order to tinker with new items.

The drop rates for the various skins are varied, and according to Eurogamer the most difficult one to acquire is the Gold Plate for the S686 – at a drop chance of 0.0064%.

Skins can be acquired through two different crates, with more common skins available through the free non-random Raider Crates, and rare skins through Triumph Crate.

For Raider Crates there is a 15% to 0.16% chance of getting a specific skin, while the odds are massively stacked against Triumph Crates – with chances ranging from 20% to the aforementioned 0.0064%.

Have a look below at the sweet skins that we unlocked on the Test Servers: