Mon April 16 2018

Two Point Hospital will feature a… golden toilet?

by Charlie Fripp

Theme Hospital turned everybody that played the game into an expert on how hospitals should be designed and how patients should be treated. And even though some of them died in the process, it was no doubt one of the most fun simulation games at the time.

When SEGA announced a spiritual successor called Two Point Hospital, memories of patients vomiting in the reception area came flooding back.

The game has been making good progress in development, but SEGA over the weekend announce that a really special item will be added to the game: a golden toilet. Because why don’t patient want to feel special when they are sick?

According to SEGA, to get the golden commode all you have to do is log onto and sign up follow the instructions to sign up for Hospital Pass.

“You will of course also need to buy the game at launch! Have we gone round the u-bend? Do you think we’re flushing the cash a bit too freely? Are we yanking your chain?” SEGA said in a press release.

Well, that is definitely one way to do… your business.

Have a look below to see what the in-game will look like:

The Golden commode, for special occassions.
The Golden commode, for special occassions.