Fri November 10 2017

South Africa gets local Rocket League servers

Who ever thought that smashing a football with a car would be so much fun? Ever since Psyonix launched Rocket League just over two years ago, it has been a huge success with plenty of players flocking to the hybrid sport.

But living in South Africa is notoriously bad for multiplayer games, as Africa has to contend with high latency.

Well, with the latest v.1.39 patch for Rocket League, that is a thing of the past for local players. Psyonix announced in the patch notes that South Africa and Singapore just received local servers.

“New server region added in South Africa (SAF). New server region hosted in Singapore (ASM). ASC servers are now hosted in Taiwan. Added more servers in Japan,” a few lines in the notes read.

What that means is that local players will be able to play with lowers pings against other local players. This makes the game easier to compete in, as all players will in theory have the same ping across the board.

It also noted that it added improved CPU performance in online play when receiving physics corrections from the game server, in-game PsyNet Party invite window now sorts friends alphabetically, and revised certain sounds (Impacts, Wheel Effects, Car Jumping/Dodging) for local vs. non-local players to improve clarity and readability.

With the patch also came two pieces of new content: Batmobile Goal Explosion has been added to the ‘Batmobile’ Premium DLC, and three new community flags.