Thu March 22 2018

Sea of Thieves’ one million unique players cause launch server issues

by Charlie Fripp

Microsoft’s swashbuckling multiplayer title Sea of Thieves had more than one million unique players taking to the high seas – and that didn’t work so well with the game’s launch day server capacity.

In a blog and developer update video, Microsoft said that launch day saw up to four-times more concurrent players than saw during any Scale Test or Beta session.

“This has led to some scale-related issues that we are working hard across the team to resolve. We are aware that temporarily not being able to access the game, or seeing any of the problems listed, can cause immense frustration. Please rest assured the issues below are our top priorities and we are doing everything we can to address them,” Microsoft explained.

It also explained that in addition to player not being able to log into the game at all, there are some issues with rewards being dished out.

“Due to the volume of players, our services that award players gold and reputation when cashing in rewards can be delayed. Players should expect to see these rewards eventually come through, as they are queued up in our message service.”

Have a look at the developer video below for an update: