Tue November 14 2017

PUBG far from being ready as an esport

A number of esports teams across the world and even locally have been gearing up for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by creating teams specifically for the game.

Those teams might have to hold on a bit longer, as PUBG creator Brendan Greene said in a recent interview that the game in its current format isn’t ready for esports just yet.

Greene explained that PUBG works better as a spectator sport when the story of all 100 players are told – from where they started, what weapons they got and where they went.

“We think that is a better way to approach this than your standard kind of esport where it’s all about the action. We can still show you the action and do cleaver replays to make sure all the deaths are captured,” he told Stevivor.

He did acknowledge that PUBG is a tough game to spectate however – and that brings a bunch of new challenges.

“Because it’s a tough game to spectate, and from a professional point of view – with 100 players, esports organisations just look at us and go, ‘Oh what the f**k, why? Can’t you make it with 10 players?’ But it’s a tough thing, no one has done a Battle Royale Esport before and it’s going to take time. We’re trying to build up systems that will support that kind of level of spectating.”

Even though recent events like the Gamescom PUBG Invitational saw professional players battle it out, Greene confirmed that it has on many occasions stated that PUBG isn’t ready for esports.

“We’re not trying to push esports, were trying to reward the players who have supported us by giving them events to play in. There are pro teams now, even though we asked everyone to ‘Calm the fuck down. Esports ready? We are not ready yet,’ But we want to be, and its going to take us probably until sometime next year where we feel like we’ll be able to push into Esports, but even then its only if that is something the community wants it,” he concluded.