Fri April 20 2018

PUBG adds 8-man squads, armoured UAZ for limited event

PUBG is still one of the most successful battle royale games out there, even though Fortnite is following closely on its heels.

To keep things fresh, developer Blue Hole has added a number of limited events, which changes things up a bit. For the latest event, which rolls out today, players will be able to drop in an armoured UAZ.

“This week’s event mode is an eight-man battle royale on Erangel. The twist? You can use flare guns to call down huge, heavily-armored UAZs,” Blue Hole explained on the game’s Steam page.

The 8-Man squads on will be available for Erangel in all regions, while NA, EU, AS, SEA, and OC will have the ability to play in TPP and FPP. Korean, Japan and South Asia will be limited to TPP.

Blue Hole explained that “flare guns spawn randomly alongside normal loot locations (flare gun spawn spots are no longer fixed). When shot inside the safe zone (white circle), special care packages will be dropped. When shot outside the safe zone, a special vehicle - the armoured UAZ - will be dropped.”

The mode is limited to 96 maximum players (12 teams of eight players), but you don’t have to play as a full squad of eight if you don’t want to.