Tue November 14 2017

PlayStation Plus multiplayer available for free for limited time

by Charlie Fripp, ESPN

Do you have a PlayStation Network account but don’t have PlayStation Plus? Well, then you are in luck as Sony announced that PlayStation Plus Open Multiplayer Event will enable you to play with friends for free for a limited time.

There is one condition though: the multiplayer event is only available in the Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe region.

“The event will take place in the SIEE region starting from 10AM GMT on 15 November to 10AM GMT on 20 November. There is no sign up process or credit card registration requirement as players will be able to play online as soon as the event commences,” Sony said in a press release.

It explained in a bit more detail that it’s for multiplayer only, and other Plus items and services will require a subscription.

“The PlayStation Plus Open Multiplayer Event will offer PS4 online multiplayer for free and the additional benefits of PlayStation Plus will require an active subscription.”