Fri November 17 2017

More detail emerge of Hearthstone’s Kobolds & Catacombs expansion

At this year’s BlizzCon, Blizzard revealed that a new expansion will be released soon for its hugely-popular mobile card game Hearthstone. Other than the initial announcement, not a lot is known about Kobolds & Catacombs – but new details have emerged.

“We wanted to do an expansion about treasure, and kobolds seemed like a perfect fit,” explained Peter Whalen and Dave Kosak, both senior game designers on Hearthstone, to GamesRadar+.

“Because the kobolds have been digging for thousands of years, they’ve found all kinds of stuff. That means we’ve able to put all kinds of fun things into the set, like fabled Legendary Weapons and other relics from civilizations across Azeroth,” the pair explained.

A 135 new cards will be added with the expansion, as well as some new features – which includes Dungeon Runs and the opportunity to face off against King Togwaggle.

“Essentially, Kobolds & Catacombs is the dungeon to end all dungeons. This set really is all about dungeons and treasure. We took a lot of our favorite dungeon crawl tropes and translated them to Hearthstone, and this is the result,” Blizzard explained.

Dungeon Runs, according to Blizzard’s Ben Brode, was developed as “our love letter to that classic, fantasy, dungeon crawling vibe.”

As for why Blizzard decided to make an expansion pack dedicated to kobolds, the company wanted to tell the story of the little creatures that are often forgotten.

“We gravitated toward kobolds because they’re these little creatures that you often encounter in dungeons and seldom think twice about—we really wanted a chance to build up what their culture would be like. If you went on their turf, what would you find? What does a dungeon look like if you’re the smallest monster on the totem pole?”