Tue October 31 2017

Mettlestate wants amateur Dota 2 players for new, once-off tournament

submitted via Press Release

Following the success of the Valkyrie Challenge hosted in collaboration with Tech Girl in August, Evetech and Mettlestate are at it again. On 18 November 2017, the duo will be sharing the Dota love and encouraging aspiring Dota players across South Africa to #JoinTheLegion – and experience the new Lenovo Legion range of notebooks for themselves.

Why Dota?

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games in the world, yet we’ve seen very little local support of the title this year. Evetech and Mettlestate know the SA community is itching for more tournaments, but are also aware of some of the current debates around viewership numbers of SA Esports being low. With all of that in mind, and thanks to some inspiration from South African Dota 2 personality Kaameel Chicktay, it was decided to host an exhibition match to showcase Dota 2 to the general public – while at the same time showcasing Evetech’s recent partnership with Lenovo and launching the new Lenovo gaming notebook range in SA.

Aspiring Dota players who are still navigating their way through the game will have the opportunity to sign up on the Mettlestate website to #JoinTheLegion. From here, eight lucky fans will be selected to play in the exhibition match that will take place on 18 November 2017 and be in a team captained by either Michele “Stickalish” Brondani from Goliath Gaming or Adam “Adastam” Moore from Sinister5 – and stand to win epic prizes.

The game, which will take place at the Evetech studio, will be cast by George “GeeMax” Smith and Kaameel Chicktay, who will be casting for all level of Dota 2 fans.

“This will be a whole new Esports experience. We want you, the newbie to SA Esports, to play in our competition. We want you to have your non-gaming family and friends in the audience where our awesome shoutcasters will not only entertain you, but also educate you on the basics of Dota 2 so that you can learn as we go,” says Barry Louzada from Mettlestate.

Evetech is one of the biggest providers of the best gaming hardware in South Africa, and have always been a huge supporter of SA Esports, so getting involved with this initiative was a no brainer for them. “Evetech is wholeheartedly invested in helping to grow the scene - not only at the top, but also at the bottom, wherever we can. That said, when we were approached about this initiative, we immediately jumped on board to support it. Those who join us on 18 November are really in for a treat,” says Imran Sorathia, Evetech Managing Director.

This is not only about a Sinister5 player going up against a Goliath Gaming player, but also the chance for fans to ensure that their favourite player goes home victorious. Those wanting to attend the event need to keep an eye on the Mettlestate website for when sign ups open. There will be no cost to come through to the event, but signing up will be on a first come first serve basis.

Guests will not only get the chance to play with the new Legion range of notebooks, but they’ll also be fed, have the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in Esports locally, while meeting and mingling with two star Dota 2 players – Adastam and Stickalish - before enjoying a Dota 2 exhibition match casted in a way that even a complete *n00b will understand and enjoy.

Anyone who is interested to #JoinTheLegion can sign up on http://www.mettlestate.com/.