Wed September 19 2018

Master of the rapier Raphael returns to Soul Calibur VI

Via Press Release

Fan favourite French nobleman, and master of the rapier, Raphael, returns to fight in Soul Calibur VI - which is launching on 19th October.

Raphael is a fencer, delivering deadly blows to his foes with powerful thrusts and slashes. Possessing unrivalled speed and agility he’s difficult to hit and even more to defend against when wielding his signature weapon, the Flambert.

Born to France’s aristocratic Sorel family, Raphael was educated in the customs of high society from a young age. When he was older he instructed and rigorously trained in the art of swordsmanship. He used his knowledge and talent with the rapier to keep his family on top of high French society during the political turmoil and war. His cold and ambivalent nature gained him many enemies. When the France’s political balance shifted during the Evil Seed event, his family handed him over to his enemies to save themselves. Raphael eventually escaped to the slums where he was saved by a young girl by the name of Amy.