Mon November 13 2017

Konami creates professional football esports competition

by Charlie Fripp, ESPN

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer might not be as big as EA’s FIFA franchise, but in some corners of the gaming world it is still a pretty big deal.

While EA has the FIFA Interactive World Cup, developer Konami today unveiled a new esports competition together with eFootball.Pro.

According to a press release, the new international league will aim to attract players from around the world and will be broadcasted globally.

“The goal is to drive all that makes traditional football the king of sports, towards electronic football, towards eSports,” stated Gerard Piqué, eFootball.Pro President and FC Barcelona player.

“We want to bind the best of both worlds to bring the public a new entertainment model that they love since the first day,” he continued.

Hideki Hayakawa, CEO of Konami Digital explained that esports is a means of reaching a growing audience.

“Konami has always been committed to delivering quality entertainment experiences to its customers, and eSports is an opportune market for reaching a growing audience,” he said.

“eFootball.Pro’s unique position in eSports, combined with its strong football leadership, will allow us to deliver a fresh way for customers to enjoy our products. We are thrilled to collaborate with eFootball.Pro,” Hayakawa concluded.