Fri September 21 2018

Streaming service Twitch is now illegal in China

by Charlie Fripp

Compared to most countries, China has some of the strictest internet laws in the world. Websites like Google, Yahoo, Instagram and YouTube are blocked on the mainland – and streaming service Twitch has now joined the list.

Tech websites The Verge got confirmation from Twitch that it has indeed been blocked, which is rather strange given its popularity during the Asian Games and the number of app downloads.

“Last month, Twitch hit the No. 3 spot among free apps in China, as locals began downloading the app to watch e-sports matches at the Asian Games. State-run broadcaster CCTV chose not to air the Asian Games, so users had to find alternative ways to watch the competition, especially as China performed well during the event and brought back two gold medals,” The Verge wrote.

The ban doesn’t mean that something is afoot, but simply that it is in line with the Chinese government’s stance to block any popular Western media services. But that in itself isn’t a good thing, as censorship of any kind is never a good thing.

According to The Verge, Twitter has been permanently banned and Google is rumoured to be working on a censored version of its search engine.