Mon December 03 2018

SA’s Bravado beat CSGO giants to reach Grand Finals of DreamHack Winter

by Charlie Fripp

This past weekend, South Africa’s Bravado Gaming managed to pull off an amazing feat – reaching the grand finals of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s DreamHack Winter in Sweden.

Having been sharpening their CSGO chops in the US over the last year, Bravado made their first inroads in the tournament’s group stages by defeating OpTic 16-14, and G2 by 16-12.

In the Playoffs, Bravado came up against x6tence Galaxy, and defeated them 2-0 to move on to the Grand Final. Here the team came head-to-head with ENCE, and could unfortunately not pull it through – losing 2-0.

Even though Bravado didn’t get to bring the grand prize home, Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek said that it only motivates them further.

“We’re never going to stop grinding. This is only the start of something big. Especially for everyone here and South African esports. We can only hope we can replicate this result in the future and take the trophy next time,” he said in a post-tournament interview with HLTV.

He added that a tournament of this magnitude really helps with morale and experience – especially for someone as inexperienced as Fadey.

“I’m really proud of my team and especially Fadey. I expected the kid to be great and he’s proving that. This tournament gave him a lot of confidence. He is young and this is his first international LAN, it’s really important and I believe it will transition into further gameplay and really help grow the team to a new level,” he said.

While the team has been training and playing in the US, Groesbeek express a hope that Bravado will internationally highlight the calibre of players and teams back home.

“I believe it’s just the exposure we give the scene and the fact that we put the name of the scene on the map. We represent South Africa, and, hopefully, a lot of big organizations will see that and pump their investments into the country.”