Fri October 13 2017

rAge was a tremendous success for Kwesé Gamer and ESL Africa

This year’s rAge expo finished less than a week ago, but we are already excited and gearing up for next year – which will be held on 5 to 7 October 2018.

As gaming and technology grows in South Africa, so to do the number of visitors to these kind of expos – and this year was no different. According to official numbers from rAge management, the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg saw 35 845 visitors throughout the weekend.

“I was a little concerned when looking at the weather conditions before the show, but our fans proved their dedication by showing up in droves to support the expo,” says Michael James, Senior Project Manager for rAge, in a statement.

The NAG LAN was just as popular, as over 2 000 gamers packed up their PCs and headed to the Dome for 72 hours of non-stop gaming. How much traffic did the LAN produce? Well, according to rAge, a massive 130TB was downloaded at an average rate of 5.6 gigabits per second, with a peak of nearly 8 gigabits per second.

Naturally with an event this size, Kwesé Gamer and ESL Africa also had several milestones during the weekend.

For starters, it was the first time that Kwesé Gamer and ESL Africa officially exhibited at rAge – with tremendous success. In addition to the Counter-Strike portion of the ESL African Championship concluding at the event, Kwesé Gamer also hosted a Hearthstone Fireside Gathering, and a space for gamers to experience the latest Overwatch modes.

On the main arena, hundreds of visitors sat down on the bleachers to watch the finals and the 3rd/4th playoff of the ESL African Championship. That was also a first for rAge, as never before have two teams from North Africa competed against two teams from South Africa in a CSGO final on home soil.

“We made a few promises last year when we came to rAge and said that we are bringing ESL to Africa. We did it. We nailed it. In my opening I put out a plea and I said ‘Africa stand up!’ Well, Africa did stand up. Kenya, Rwanada, Ghana, Nigeria – we are coming for you, get ready – ESL is here,” said Brad Kirby, head of eSports at Kwesé at rAge.

Quick facts and figures for rAge 2017

• First time Kwesé Gamer and ESL Africa exhibited at rAge

• Kwesé Gamer and ESL Africa occupied over 500-square meters of floor space

• First time North and South Africa competed in CSGO

• It was the first Pan-African Hearthstone tournament

• Music duo Pascal & Pearce released a brand-new song at rAge, and also created a track for the official ESL African Championship theme song.

• First time that international caster Lauren ‘Pansy’ Scott commentated on an African CSGO match.

• It was the first time that Kwesé Gamer hosted an exhibition match between ESL Africa casters, professional players and an international caster.

• On Facebook, ESL Africa had a combined 216 000 video views from streaming various ESL African Championship events.

• Almost 300 000 minutes were watched from streaming various ESL African Championship events.

• The ESL African Championship finals between Bravado and Energy eSports were viewed by over 60 000, with 95 000 minutes watched.

• Similarly, the third and fourth place match between and Vibora was watched by 62 000 people, clocking almost 80 000 minutes viewed.

• ESL Africa on Facebook reached over 388 000 people

• First esports event attended by Kwesé Free Sports to film segments for broadcast.

• A combined total of over 61 000 kilometres were travelled by the teams and staff involved

• Kwesé Gamer and ESL Africa staff walked a combined distance of almost 400km since build-up to closing.

• Approximately 84 rounds of Overwatch were played per day at Kwese Gamer’s stand.

• Approximately 500 players per day sat down to play Overwatch, which totals to about 1 500 players over the rAge weekend.

• Kwese Gamer had 1800 entries for the competition to win an ESL Gaming chair.