Thu January 18 2018

SA’s Bravado to play CSGO in the US for a year

by Charlie Fripp, ESPN

When you are one of the best CSGO teams in South Africa, how do you improve your game? Well, in the case of Bravado Gaming, you put yourself in front of the best CSGO teams in US – and learn from your experiences.

Through an initiative called Project Destiny, Bravado yesterday announced that it will be spending the next year in the US to compete on the circuit there.

“We will be sending our Counter Strike: Global Offensive team to the United States of America on a mission to do what SK Gaming did while still under their previous organizations. Our entire squad of 6 players, including Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek, Dimitri “Detrony” Hadjipaschali, Ruan “Elusive” van Wyk, Rhys “Fadey” Armstrong, Johnny “JT” Theodosiou and Tiaan “T.C” Coertzen will be traveling and staying in the USA to consistently compete on the International level,” Bravado said in a statement.

Bravado explain that it is essentially for the betterment of all players in the team, and in doing so will also elevate South African esports in general.

“The boys are going with their eyes focused on practicing, qualifying for events, playing in tournaments, moving out of the bubble that we’ve been locked in, stepping into the limelight while proudly bringing South Africa, Africa and META with them. There are only but a handful of teams that had the ambition, passion, ability and in all honesty, madness to accomplish such a feat, but as always South Africa will be behind them in this venture.”

For the first six months the team will get to grips with living in the US and consume as much about the gaming scene as much as possible. The remaining six months will be spent training and competing in tournaments.

“As the plan stands, the team is due to compete in the USA for a period of 12 months, where we’ll be extending our stay in the States for another 6 months after the initial 6 months.”

Bravado’s Andreas ‘cent’ Hadjipaschali concluded by saying the recent announcement is only one of many more to come – through hard work and dedication.

“I can’t express how much time and effort has gone into this project to make it a reality. Our partners at Alienware and Intel have been fantastic, and they clearly see the vision that we have into continuing to tell our story to the world. Although this is the foundation of some other big announcements to come, the guys will be fighting hard to make us proud. We’re splitting ourselves into 3 persons, namely: For our Region, For the Player & For Bravado Gaming as a brand.”

Well done and good luck to them from all of us at Kwese Gamer!