Wed November 01 2017

Battlegrounds Xbox One version won’t have new desert map

by Charlie Fripp, ESPN

Microsoft, during its keynote presentation at the Paris Games Week, announced that the smash hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be released on Xbox on 12th December.

The title has already had a phenomenal success on PC, having some over 15 million copies and recently saw 2 million concurrent players.

But while the Xbox version will release roughly at the same time that the PC version will come out of Steam Early Access, there will be some differences between the two.

For starters, the Xbox version will have the much-anticipated vaulting system included, but according to Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene, it won’t have the new desert map.

“While the Xbox Game Preview version will be launching with vaulting included, it won’t have the desert map for a while yet. Mainly because we need to test it and fix it, it’s still in early development and while we’re showcasing it for PC it will still require months of work to really polish it off and find those niggly areas on the map. It’s just the way it goes with open world development,” Greene told Eurogamer.

But even though both version will be based on Microsoft architecture, don’t expect cross-play any time soon.

“We still want to do it. As I said before we want to remain controller v controller or keyboard to mouse v keyboard to mouse. It’s probably the fairest way to do it. We have no update on it,” Greene explained.

As for the regions and modes on the Xbox version, you’ll have to be content with third-person for now.

“We’ll only be opening the third-person for the start, first-person will come eventually but at launch just third-person.”

Battlegrounds’ executive producer Chang-Han Kim explained about the regions.

“Our servers are PAL based so we can service between any region but because only 100 players can be matched inside a session, the experience will not be that good in regions that have a large amount of users. So we are expanding from the regions which have the most users.”