Thu August 03 2017

Epic Games’ Fortnite buckles under server pressure

by Charlie Fripp, Kwese ESPN

Epic Games’ Fortnite might be a difficult game to accurately explain, but one thing that it definitely is, is popular.

Only 24 hours after launch the game had already sold more than 500 000 Early Access copies on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And with the game entering the free-to-play model sometime next year that will surely push sales even higher.

But the game proved to be just too popular for Epic Games’ servers on Wednesday night, as the game unceremoniously kicked all players off the servers. Upon reconnection attempts, players only saw a screen informing them about ‘servers undergoing maintenance’.

The outage was confirmed by Epic Games on Twitter moments later.

“We are saving so many survivors our servers are struggling. More info soon. Hang tight folks!” Epic Games tweeted from the Fortnite account.

About an hour later, the situation seemed to correct itself.

“Thank you all for waiting out this short storm with us. Servers are currently recovering and players should now be able to login!” it said.

Two hours after the initial update Epic stated that the problem stem from an issue with Amazon Web Service.

“Amazon Web Service is experiencing broad issues, similar to one of our previous outages. We are currently looking for solutions.”

Over on the official Fortnite forum, communication was a bit more forthcoming and up to date.

“Fortnite servers have gone down and the team is working on getting them back up now. We will be updating everyone through our social channels as soon as we have more info! Epic said.

As the servers started to come back, and subsequently fall down again, Epic was quick to give updates on the current situation.

“We believe that our servers experienced a momentary outage, and are now recovering. That was a rather short storm! Our servers are now live, and players can now login.”

After the short-lived recovery, Epic stated: “Players have been kicked out of game and servers are experiencing issues. We are investigating the current health of the servers and will update everyone ASAP.”

It took about four hours for Epic Games’ Fortnite servers to recover to normality.