Thu March 22 2018

EA unlocks all heroes and ships for Battlefront II

by Charlie Fripp

Star Wars Battlefront II was marred in controversy even before it launched, with players complaining about the loot box system and how difficult it is to unlock the top-tier characters.

Well, there is some good news for those that still play the game or who have been thinking of getting back into it.

In a new update for Battlefront II, EA unlocked every hero character in the game.

In a blog post, EA explained that along with the other changes in the patch, “we’ve also unlocked all currently available Heroes and Hero Ships for everyone.”

It detailed that: “With all characters now having a Unit Level, we don’t want to limit anyone’s chance to progress as we change the way you interact with these characters.”

In addition to that, Bespin has also been included as a new location for four game modes.

“Bespin makes its return from the first Star Wars Battlefront as a new location for Blast, Heroes vs. Villains, Arcade, and for a limited time as Jetpack Cargo.”

But wait, there is more!

“We’re unlocking all Star Cards and Weapons in Arcade at Epic card level so that Arcade can be more freely used as a sandbox to try out new combinations. This change also provides more gameplay options for players who aren’t interested in playing Multiplayer.”